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What do we do?

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Whether it's your 'curiosity ka keeda' that has got you here, we are super excited to give you a insight of Nakhra Swag!


Nakhra Swag is a casual-wear brand for Men and Women. Our customers and their satisfaction are our main focus and we believe in connecting with them to meet their requirements and what they want.

We mirror the fashion sense of today’s youth and intend to sell a unique product line that conforms to the latest trend standards at unbeatable prices.

Looking ahead, Nakhra Swag plans to expand by creating products in-house and selling them directly to our valued customers.

Why the Name Nakhra Swag?

Two Reasons. First, it's a super cool catchy and all of us have a bit of Nakhra in each of us...


We at Nakhra follow our hearts, regardless of society’s resistance and rules!

While we walk on our path, We see limitless inspiration to change the world for the better and make a difference. In all our diversities, there’s a bit of Nakhra (attitude) in each one of us!

In the year 2022, Two people followed their hearts and chose to become entrepreneurs. They aspired to bring a change in today’s youth to how people can consume fashion and they then formed nakhraswag.com.

Today, nakhraswag.com. continues to do what it loves to transform fashion in today’s new world. We innovate so you can feel your  Nakhra as your SWAG In Your Society and what you love the most, leave that rest to us!

The greater the creativity, the larger the customer base and the more enjoyable the experience!

From a group of 4 individuals to a team that is expanding

All thanks to You guys !🙂​

Our Nakhra Swag Team

You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with a billion-dollar idea over a couple of years ago. Not Us.

You even hear those feel-good stories of college roommates and best friends who started a company together. Not Us Either.

We are super proud to see our growing business – Nakhra Swag which is now growing.

From a home to a tiny office, all we can say is without you guys it won’t be possible!